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What Country Garden Gifts Offers:
We offer a broad range of carefully selected garden gifts and products. We also offer free delivery in the UK and someone at the end of the phone!

Our Garden Range: Gardening Tools Garden Products Garden Accessories  Garden Ornaments Collections/Gift Sets  Garden Furniture  Country Homeware  Garden Gift Ideas  

New Products

Baby Elephant
A lovely present for some-one special, buy one today!
£21.98 View Details >
A perfect gift for a country gentleman
£35.14 View Details >
Lawn Ranger Socks
A great gift for a lawn ranger
£12.40 View Details >

Gift Ideas

Baby Elephant
A lovely present for some-one special, buy one today!
£21.98 View Details >
A perfect gift for a country gentleman
£35.14 View Details >
Lawn Ranger Socks
A great gift for a lawn ranger
£12.40 View Details >


Welcome to Garden Products, in this area we have a broad range of useful tools for the garden including, our seed range, garden tools such as hand forks, products for growing vegetables like vegetable markers, and protection products like kneelers and garden gloves. Welcome to the garden gift centre for great products and tools!


In this section you will find a great range of garden accessories.  They are all of the items in the garden that make life easier.  This section includes garden ornaments, watering cans (including ornamental animal watering cans), the natural world and living outdoors.   The natural world is our collection of wild life homes and associated accessories such as bird feeders.  In living outdoors you will find lanterns, and pic-nicking gear.


Our Country Home section includes a range of garden inspired  articles for your home.  If you love the shabby chic and the distressed look, which many people associate with the country, then you will feel right at home.   We have a good range including welcome signs, clocks, frames etc.  We also have a range of home textiles which fit into a rustic style kitchen.


Have you got a friend or relative who needs a present, and just loves gardening, or loves country style.  We have a great range of different garden gifts to suit all pockets and age ranges.  For example in children`s gifts we have the gifts in a tin range, where you can build your own bee hive, or bird feeder.  We have pink secateurs for her, and RHS mens hand tools for larger hands. You couldnt get a more versatile approach to buying garden gifts, not only will be give you ideas for gifts, we also do garden sets, gift trugs, and gifts designed especially to your requirements!


Welcome to Country Garden Gifts `Country Style`section.  At County Gardens we want to offer our customers a lot more choice. This is the section where we give you that opportunity.  In this section you will find:

Products areas outside of garden and home products:


A good range of gifts for the child who loves to be active


Our stationary ranges

Our in House Ranges:

A complete selection of gifts and products that have country style, another 10 ranges plus to choose from.  The type of products you will find here will be everything from a gardening jacket to bed sheets 

Country Garden Every Day

These are none gift items, but are certainly very useful if you are living in the country side.  In this area, you will find everything from bird feed to Country Cookers.


Welcome to `New` products, this is where you will see the latest product, and also the most innovative products where garden gifting is concerned.  You will also see some of the products that snatched up the design awards in the last few years. 

View NEW

Welcome to our offer section, these are the garden gift and garden products we have on offer right at this moment.  These change of a regular basis so add them to your trug right away! 


Our Garden Gifts are designed by Caroline Bosker for Country Garden Gifts.   They are exclusive to Country Garden Gifts and can be customised. Carolines work is inspired by the Sussex country side, and her rather Vintage upbringing overseas.  The sort of things you might find in this section are bags, tea shirts, flasks, mirror compacts, etc.


We have a great range of collections from garden celebrities like Sophie Conran and Alan Titchmarsh.  We also have gift selts, and matching sets.  Come and visit us today!


Country Garden Gifts - For Gardening Products & Accessories

Our Mission Statement:

Our mission is provide greater choice, accessibility and diversity to country areas and people which have limited exposure to major retailers. 

We also aim to provide social support through our network of blog sites and magazine.

Our Shop

At Country Garden Gifts, we like to think of our selves as another form of gardening centre, but one which specialises in garden gifts.  The main products in our range are our garden sets and collection.  Most people like the security of finding a brand that they feel comfortable with, or enjoy the fact that they can get matching items within that range.  We sell a great range of Alan Titchmarsh products, which includes his plant labels and book marks, the new Sophie Conran range, which includes wild-life homes, hand sets, and kneelers, the RHS tools range, and of course our own range of gardening accessories. 

We also have a strong showing of garden ornaments, such as ornamental watering cans.  We also specialise in garden products, suitable for gifting eg secateurs and hand trowels.  We have a fine range of garden accessories such as protection products like gardening gloves and medi-kits.  For those who live in the Country, and need a functional range of country products please seek out our country homeware products which include vintage clocks & frames.  As we know what it is like to live in areas where the larger brands forget, we have also been developing our own brand, which includes garden inspired functional products for the home. For garden gifts with verve, come to Country Garden Gifts.  To find out more read on.  Country Garden Gifts offers free delivery in the UK on a range of garden inspired gifts, products  and tools.  We only sell quality products carefully sourced through well recognised brands, or designer companies.  We are based in Sussex, in the heart of the country, and know well the needs of the people who live and work in our area.  You will always find us ready to listen on the end of telephone.  We like to offer and friendy and personal service.   To summarise what we can offer you:                        

  • Free delivery over £15 in the UK and subsidised delivery abroad
  • Competitive prices on all garden gifts and products
  • Our Gardening blog, news- letter and magazine.
  • Advice on gardening products and aspects of gardening
  • Our gardening resource base offering ideas such as garden tool care
  • Terms & Conditions which are transparent, easy to follow.
  • Our club which offers regular special offers and events      

Our Garden Resource Centre: 

We have a garden resource centre, which is off site we are adding to on a regular basis.  If you would like to provide good quality material, then we will certainly include it.

Go to our "country gardening " websiste.  

Our Brands:

The brands we carry for 2013 are Burgon and Ball, Curly Fern Ltd, ATP, Sophie Conran, Alan Titchmarsh, Heaven Sends, Country Garden Gifts, Navigate and more..

Our Products:

Our products include:  garden gifts sets, kneelers and stools, gardening hand tools such as hand trowels, dibbers and hand forks.  We have trugs, seed trays, and tool boxes. We also have some eco-gardening products such as "make your own" pots set and organic tea shirts.  We do a great range of garden stationary including a free country note book.  We have country style homeware, garden ornaments, watering cans and door stoppers.  Visit us today!

The Countries and Areas that We Cover:

Country Garden Gifts has two main offices, one in Brighton in East Sussex, the other near Haywards Heath in Sussex.  We deliver internationally. The areas we cover are:

The countries and areas that we cover include: England, Irealand, Scotland, Wales, France, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, Italy, Turkey, and all other EU Countries.  We also cover America, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, China, and some parts of Africa and the Middle East.  If your country is not on this list, please enquire by email.

Our Garden Gifts. 

Our Website:

Our website is quite big, so if you need further help finding out information, please use the HELP page.  For a full list of DELIVERY RATES please go to:  Postal Services.

Our Own Ranges:

We sell a wide range of award winning range of garden products, and garden  tools.  We also have a broad range of garden inspired accessories and country homeware and garden gift sets.  If you are looking for a pair of secateurs or a tool box which can be appreciated for years you have to come to the right place. We also have garden furniture such as garden mirrors and sculpture.  We also sell our own range of products which we design in house.  We take pride in selling gifts and products with lasting quality and essential purpose.

Our Ethos:

Country Garden Gift has been in the country life-style gift business in Sussex since 2010, and in associated business fields since 1998. Caroline and Chris Bosker are the founders of the business, and have both worked as company directors for successful businesses in their past lives. 

When Caroline first conceived of the idea of Country Garden Gifts she was looking for a retail out let.  She imagined herself at the centre of a village packing up parcels with brown paper and string.  She soon discovered that these shops were difficult to come by, and the rates were extortionate. By Christmas she was feeling pretty fed up.  That Christmas however it started to snow.  That year is tumbled down from the sky, a white blanket covering everything in it`s path.

Her village was locked in.  Old people couldnt leave their homes for the fear of breaking a hip.  Only the proffessional drivers were risking the hilly climbs. She thought about the severe weather conditions that we have been having in this country, where many farms have been under water.  She also thought about the difficulties that many people face, particularily in the country communities, in their every day lives through busy schedules.  She realised that there was a place on the market for a Country website. 

During her time looking for local village shops she had done a lot of research on the stock holding of a village shop.  It seemed to her that most village shops could only really stock essential items to get through life.  She decided to come up with an idea for a website that stocked the sort of things that Country People wanted but would have to drive to town for.  These things were mainly going to be the sort of things you bought for gifts.

She remembered digging a hole in her garden one summer.  As she started to dig, her spade seemed to bend.  She decided that having quality goods was important. Country people are not great spenders, they dont have the distraction of shops to look at, and put their goods through a lot more wear before wanting to replace them.  Providing quality goods was vital.  For most things she was able to source from well recognised suppliers.

Caroline had always wanted to create her own brand, but after contacting many manufacturers she realised the difficulties that this might present, but eventually she found people that were prepared to help her.  She realised that if she was to create this new brand she would have to open up her doors to a wider concept, the concept that essential purpose didnt just apply to gardening, it also applied to the other areas of our lives.  So her web company took a new turn into garden and country insipired homeware. 

Our Products:

So what do we sell?  garden forks, garden trowels, garden furniture, dibbers, gardening stools, garden ornaments, garden gloves, watering cans

But also sell: Country inspired: Bags, tea shirts, trays, mugs, tea-pots, laundry bags,!! 

To summarise she wanted to provide a range of quality products which would not break the bank, so that keen gardeners and country folk like her-self could spend time in t

Our company Structure:

Country Garden Gifts is limited company which reinvests more than 50% of its profits back into the business.  Because of our interest in the community we consider our selves to be a social enterprise serving Country People



 "For Garden Gifts With Verve"

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